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There are different versions of performance that I can offer, depending on your needs. The standard school packages are detailed below but I can tailor make a package to suit your needs just ask.

My visit is of most benefit when you have completed or nearly completed your Roman project. I use cross curricular teaching methods to enhance subject knowledge

One hour performance

The Performance commences with me appearing as a Roman legionary from the 1st- 2nd century dressed in basic tunic. I explain about the structure and history of the Romans in Britain & Scotland by explaining and asking questions of the children about their knowledge of the Romans & the project they have undertaken at school. I then start to kit-up, showing and explaining the pieces of equipment as I dress, with a hands-on session so that they can feel and touch the armour, coins, helmet etc. this is very verbally interactive as well as been a hands on session.

Two hour performance

The first hour of the two is the same as the one hour performance with the same verbal interaction & hands on session.

Once fully kitted-up the real fun starts in the second hour as the children are issued with wooden shields and swords, then they go through basic Roman army marching drill with me talking in Latin and English.

We then develop this into doing some battle formations like the Testudo or tortoise and a few other manoeuvres that were used in combat.

The kids have a lot of fun and it is all very interactive. It is a very theatrical experience.

Class sizes for the 2 hour session should ideally be no more than 40 pupils, this is to allow everyone to have a go at the drill in the time frame as there is a lot to learn, whilst also maintaining a safe number participating at one time.

All equipment is authentic, using the same materials as were used in Roman times. The drill and language is also genuine and has been taken from historical records. All I have done is turned it into a theatrical, fun way of learning about the history of the Romans in Scotland in a way that children can understand, relate to and enjoy, whilst having a chance to interact and learn with a Live Roman. It is all designed to reinforce and enhance the teaching skills and learning, which you have provided.

Teachers have said that the two-hour visit really benefits the pupils, as it is a more interactive experience for the children, whilst at the same time not over taxing their attention span.

The main difference between the one hour & two hour sessions is the practical drill session is not available for the hour session due to time restraints


I require a decent size hall, gym or outside area, depending on weather, to carry out the Performance & active drill. I also require a room where I can change.

The one hour performance can be done in class as there is no drill or marching but may require a bit of furniture arranging to ensure a sufficient safety zone.

I require about an hour before performance so that I can prepare equipment and change. This hour is preparation time and free, only performance time is chargeable. Access to school grounds with my vehicle is a great help as there is some heavy equipment for me to transport and use in the performance.

A member of staff must be present at all times during the performance for health and safety reasons there are no exceptions on this rule.

I have an enhanced disclosure certificate, child protection policy, risk assessments, public liability insurance & first aid certificate. I offer a very professional service with plenty of experience working with children.

Please check out my feedback in the Customer References section. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also available for guided tours & field trips of Roman sites as part of your project.



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Thank you & enjoy your visit 


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